Issues With Your Current Fueling Solutions

mobile fuel delivery fuel cards

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards provide the illusion of control & organization but can be easily taken advantage of. Fuel theft, administration hassle, refueling labor waste, and clunky reporting make fuel cards ineffective.

mobile fuel delivery on-site tanks

On-Site Tanks

A more organized approach, but employees still waste time refueling. Traffic jams, permitting headaches, manual logging, and additional insurance create ongoing issues.

Instafuel On-Boarding Process

mobile fuel delivery process flowchar
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The Underlying Magic

Our Instafuel trucks come equipped with our patent-pending auto-logging technology. It allows us to digitally and seamlessly record fills in real-time. So what does that mean for you?

mobile fuel delivery accurate gallon accounting
Every gallon is accounted for. Receive 100% transparent data - no rounded gallons or shady business practices.
mobile fuel delivery lowering your delivery fee
Allows for the refueling operation to be as efficient as possible - therefore lowering your delivery fee.
mobile fuel delivery fuel detection technology
Eliminates cross-filling with Fuel Detection Technology - we’ll never put gasoline into your diesel vehicles or vice versa.
mobile fuel delivery real time data
Receive all your data in real-time - your consumption data is sent to you as soon as your vehicles have been filled.
mobile fuel delivery mobile app

Get fuel delivered directly to your fleet