We Fuel. You Drive.

Instafuel is the most innovative way to improve efficiency and increase profitability within your fleet.

We arrive during your downtime hours while your fleet is idle. We top off every single vehicle and piece of equipment so your drivers can get going to where they need to be.

The Instafuel ROI

Full Control

By removing your employees from the refueling process entirely and consolidating your fueling source, Instafuel guarantees a 5% reduction in fuel consumption.

Gain Productivity

That 15 minute trip to the gas station costs you an additional 38¢ per gallon - turn that downtime into additional revenue with Instafuel.

Actionable Insights

Relevant and accurate data which empowers you to make better decisions - miles per gallon, cost per mile and departmental allocation - all with a friendly user interface.

Peace of Mind

Focus on growing your business while knowing your fleet is being managed by the best.

Savings Calculator

Fill in the information to count possible save on fuel costs

Get fuel delivered directly to your fleet