Hurricane Season: It’s not over yet.

While so many of us think about preparing our homes and properties for hurricane season many of us forget to think about making sure we have everything needed in place to prepare our businesses as well. Our businesses, just like our homes, need to go through proper preparations to make sure that not only is it ready to “weather” the storm but that there are systems in place to follow before disaster strikes.

With the proper systems and preparations in place, your business will navigate these storms and come out on the other end solid and ready to go, just like your home. So to help you stay prepared for the hurricane season, here is a list of some action items to help make sure you're ready for whatever is heading your way, especially if you're a business that has to keep operating no matter what the weather conditions.

  • Look over your insurance policies and make sure you're fully covered for natural disasters and flooding. Not every insurance policy is created equal, and it's always a good idea to double-check and make sure your business is covered.
  • Order much-needed supplies early, so you're not scrambling when a storm is upon you trying to get supplies you need to protect your business and its assets. Supplies like plywood and sandbags for securing buildings and basic provisions like water and food are often cleaned out as big storms approach. But if you prepare and get these supplies early, you won’t have to worry about putting your business at risk.
  • Make sure your disaster plans are ready. Ensure employees know what is expected of them during emergencies and the game plan if they need to continue working to keep them safe.
  • Have a plan with your suppliers. Many businesses have suppliers that get them the much-needed resources to keep that business running. Having a plan in place so you know what will happen during hurricanes and other natural disasters is the best way to continue getting the resources you need. This ensures that your business can continue providing its much-needed services without interruption.
  • Make sure your fleets can get access to the fuel they need. Many gas stations wind up closed during significant weather events or natural disasters. So when your business needs to keep running and providing vital services, it's crucial to ensure your fleet has access to the fuel it needs.

By taking the time to set up plans and get your business prepared, you can not only ensure that your business will weather any storm thrown its way but that it can continue to thrive even in the toughest of conditions.

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