The Driver Shortage Reaching Critical Levels In Some Areas

Fueling your business costs more than you think.

Fuel driver shortages have been an ongoing challenge in the US and around the world. With the certifications and specialized training required, it becomes harder and harder to have enough drivers to keep up the supply. Especially during these summer months where fueling demand has grown dramatically with people enjoying vacations and traveling as restrictions are relaxed compared to the previous year.

The shortages have increased to the point that some states areas that aren’t even considered a “destination” vacation spot have been forced to declare a state of emergency to ease some of the restrictions placed on fuel truck drivers. South Dakota was the first to declare a state of emergency, allowing truck drivers more freedom to provide the necessary fuel. Though they may be the first, they most likely will not be the last.

Even with Governors potentially easing restrictions, it will still be likely that we will see supply issues. The National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) estimates that approximately 25% of fuel trucks will still be sitting this summer despite many companies’ efforts to hire more drivers. All this leaves the fuel market in as precarious a situation as it has been.

So what does this mean for your business?

When you have a fleet to manage, there is already so much to consider when making decisions. But now, you will have the added factor of rising fuel costs and possible shortages at the pumps. Leaving your business at the mercy of gas stations for fuel pricing, and I’m sure your employees aren’t going to be shopping around for the best prices when they hit the pump.

And that’s not even considering the worst-case scenario of your fleet not being able to get fuel! Imagine what being without fuel would do to your fleet and your business. The loss of work and profits for your business and potentially having to eat your employee’s wages could cause more headaches than anyone wants in their business.

As a business owner or fleet manager, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about fueling concerns on top of everything else. That’s where Instafuel is the perfect solution. We bring the fuel to you, topping off your fleet as it sits in your yard. We leave your fleet full and ready to go for your employees each morning. Not only saving you and your employees time but also money!

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